PSA returns the Opel brand to the Russian market after GM recalled it in 2015

15-дек, 19;28 admin 11 717
As promised in February, PSA returns the Opel brand to the Russian market. The first models sold here will be the Zafira Life and Grandland X. Opel also started production of the Zafira Life model at the PSA plant in Kaluga. The same factory will soon release Vivaro.

The decision to return the Opel brand to the Russian market is not related to the recall of GM from the Association with the local manufacturer AVTOVAZ. GM recalled the Russian Opel brand in 2015 after a period of economic turmoil, when the ruble was severely devalued and the car market suffered.

Opel has big plans for the Russian market and has announced that it will produce important models every year. At the moment, dealers in major cities offer the Grandland X SUV and the Zafira Life van. In the near future, the dealer network will double from next year and continue to grow at a rapid pace.
Opel's return to the Russian market strengthens the PSA group's position in Eurasia. This market is considered by the French as a strategic one for future development. In addition, Opel models enjoy a good reputation here. "We will gradually increase our participation in this market in the coming years. We include here offer a wider range of products," - said the head of Opel Michael Aseller.