Opel to cut up to 4,100 jobs

07-мар, 19;28 admin 11 613
PSA Group's German car manufacturing unit, Opel, will cut up to 4,100 jobs, joining rivals around the world amid slowing sales.

The cuts will focus on German factories in RUESSELSHEIM, Eisenach and Kaiserslautern, where Opel will open a voluntary redundancy program to remove 2,100 positions by 2025. In addition, the automaker agreed with Union representatives to be able to cut another 2,000 jobs in two stages by 2029.

Opel experts also said that they will invest further in the Ruesselsheim plant, where it will produce the next generation Opel Astra from 2021, and from 2022 the break version of the same model. Opel has about 30,000 employees, 16,000 of whom are located in Germany.
The company puts a huge amount of effort to revive production. To do this, you will need to reduce the staff. While PSA is making efforts to ensure that Opel survives by acquiring the company from General Motors in 2017, the German brand has struggled to prove that it is ready to meet stricter emissions standards that are almost impossible to meet without electric vehicles.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/